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 I love colour, and anyone who knows my home would confirm that to be true! Each room has its own personality and so it must have its own colour. I believe each colour has its own character and my job is to get to know them well enough to translate them into art. Quite normal for me when I shut my eyes at night, I see tonal values and shapes. Sometimes it feels like I’m standing inside a painting, feeling, sensing, and seeing what to do next. I have solved many problematic compositions in my dreams as I believe art is not something that I can separate myself from. Creativity comes naturally to our family, my husband Deon, a renowned photographer (as well as a lot of other creative titles) is fuel on the creative fire as one or both of us constantly have one, two or numerous projects running.  All three of my sons although not living out their creativity are very able to.

I believe that I was made to create. I get that from my DAD in heaven. You see, I was meant to be that girl who drew at her Father’s feet and excitedly shares that not just with Him but anyone who would take the time to look. He has taught me many new things, where earthly teachers knowledge ceases His begins. I never studied art but in a sense, I see myself as lucky for not doing so. In a way, I feel that God is teaching me His ways, His approach. And make no mistake I am still learning every day. Art is a very humbling profession, and in the ruthless world we live in, fighting old belief systems and dogmas, I think many would agree it isn’t all moonshine and roses. 

But when your love for God gets expressed through a piece … when you are able to blur the already thin line between heaven and earth, you know that there is more to creating. Then He gives you wisdom to persevere, strength to rise above a failed piece and so much grace.

A while ago I believe that I got the idea from the Lord to print my paintings onto fabric. Thus the idea of functional art in clothing came to be. I kicked off this new endeavour with one of my favourite items, a scarf and printed skirts are soon to follow. The theme throughout will be florals and gardens seeing that the Lord has asked me to gather all to a garden for Him to connect with on an intimate level.

I often get challenged with heavenly designs that are shown to me in dreams – I feel like a new generation is manifesting and I excitedly accept this baton to run with it and pass on when the time comes to do so.